I tell my students, and really anybody that will listen, that anybody can cook. If you can read you can cook. When you start cooking don’t try too far from the recipe. Have some success then experiment. ¬†With that in mind here are some tips I seem to always fall back on.

  • Always read your recipe all the way through before you start. You don’t want any surprises, half way through.
  • Check for all ingredients before you start. Just because you “always” have baking powder in the house doesn’t mean you do today.
  • Remember don’t be afraid! If you can read and you’re patient, you can cook.
  • Always thaw in the refrigerator, overnight. The texture will be better.
  • When organizing your pantry, try to organize your ingredients by most used and alphabetical. It will always be easy to find what you are looking for. Also, if you decant your ingredients, cut the label with directions and Best By date and put it in the container. It’s easy to forget when you got it or how to make it.